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Thursday Notes

Today's topic is cheating...

At The Weblog Awards cheaters never prosper, or at least they never prosper for long. There's a reason we state very clearly that results are not final until certified - the reason is we log and inspect everything. We're in the fourth year of this competition and we've seen just about every kind of attempt at cheating, and we've caught and removed them all. This year will probably be no different.

It's also worth noting that to date there have been no verified incidents of cheating. All of the reports we've investigated to this point have not shown any cheating. That could change as we get more reports. If we do find poll where there is cheating, we will note it in the poll, note the number of illegal votes, then remove those votes from the totals.

The rules are very clear... one vote every 24 hours, and we enforce them.

Welcome to The 2006 Weblog Awards!

The Weblog Awards are the world's largest blog competition, with over 525,000 votes cast in the 2006 edition for finalists in 45 categories. Nominations ended November 24, and voting was conducted between December 7 and December 15. Final results will be announced Dec. 18, 2006.

Comments have been disabled, but you are invited to join us in The Weblog Awards discussion forums if you want to talk about the awards, the nominees, or ask questions.

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