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Nominations - Video Of The Year

Nominate your choice for Video Of The Year. Leave a link to the video in the comment section. The video must be original content - not a clip from television or movies. Mashups of commercial content *may* be considered...

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I nominate Techography's Valor IT Video

The video I nominated above has non original content so not sure what you would decide...my bad, I should have read more closely

However if I may nominate this one which is all original video I shot in New Orleans....9thWard--God Is Watching US

Let me just put an honorary mention, rather than a blogger-done video.

The David Zucker "Albright Ad". BRILLIANT STUFF!


Of course I have to nominate a video that I star in.

The Beginning To The End

"They are all out of bubblegum"


Two nominations from Winch & Pulley productions:

The Submarines new video and Cold War Kids "Hair Down"

Democrats - Abandoning Iraq


9th Ward: "God is Watching Us"

It's a no brainer. There can be no other.

I nominate "9th Ward:God is Watching Us"

9th Ward--God is Watching Us was filmed in March 2006.

Also to nominate would be an updated companion video:

"9th Ward--One Year Later --God is Watching Us"

This was filmed at the one year anniversary of Katrina. Again all original video. And it was made possible through donations of blog readers.

9th Ward: "God is Watching Us"

9th Ward, 1 Year Later--God is Watching Us


There are 2 reasons I have for submitting this. First, 1 year after Katrina to the present, the Lower 9th ward is still not safe to rebuild in. The levee system is not even adequate for a Cat 3 whcih is rather common. My personal prediction is that the void will force the local population to sell out at fire sale (flood sale) prices just to make ends meet.

The second reason is that, in a land where the only news is what happened today, Scout Prime has tirelessly worked to keep this issue in the public eye.

The follow-up video, New Orleans post-Katrina:


I, too, second the nomination of "9th Ward - God is Watching Us" , which I am proud to have contributed a few dollars towards helping Scout in making. She is one of the few who untiringly keep this tragedy of government misfeasance in front of us.

I nominate mizzzy b's first video in which she introduces herself to us on video for the first time.

Best thing out there.


The best thing out there.

On her blog at miz bohemia's rhapsody

Scout Prime kicks ASS! She gets my nod.

Might I suggest scout_prime's "New Orleans--Gutting a Home."

This is good stuff.


I nominate VenetianPrincess's Mission: XBOX video. It is By far the most creative video on youtube.

Her husband plays XBOX all the time, so she ventures into her dangerous home to get to the xbox and see what is so great about it. She faces adroid vaccuums, cannon blowdryers, and blade blenders! lol


Zarqawi Gets Bombed-


Timothy Tap Dancing
Episode 2: Love in Vain

Timothy Tap Dancing
Song: Going in Circles

Best video on teh intarweb ever!1!!!


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