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Nominations Update

Nominations are going very well - we've got over 3,000 nominations and there's still a week left to nominate blogs.

On a more serious note... A couple of sites have been entered in the junk file (their existing nominations remain) because their supporters were using the nomination post comment sections to hold running conversations. We've got a specially designated area to "smack talk" or debate who should be nominated for what - The Weblog Awards Forums. While we welcome their nominations, repetitively entering nominations for the same site just makes the finalist selection process harder.

Supporters of those sites - you'll figure out who you are when your comments aren't published - are free to carry on their conversations in the forums.


PS - Don't forget to spread the word about the nominations process!

Comments (12)

Why did you remove the category you had for last year for Best Group Blog

It just wasn't working for me as a standalone category anymore. Group blogs used to be more of an odditiy, now they are pretty common. The Best Blog category (and many others) will probably be dominated by sites that would qualify as group blogs, so have a seperate Best Group Blog category didn't make much sense.

There seems to be a huge amout of blogging devoted to humour/humor...Would it be an idea to make a few caegories of humour?

I would like to nominate The Hatemongers Quarterly for best humor blog.


I nominate From My Position...On the Way @

Do you have a category for best Iraqi blog?

American Citizen Soldier for best Mil Blog


Where is the best religion blog category? I'd like to nominate:

The Questing Parson


Irenic Thoughts

Both are challenging, creatively-written, thoght-provoking, articulate... two of my daily must-reads.

Visit the Yankee Commentary, the Best Blog of November 25, 2006. It's a conservative blog.

You need to add a catagory for fashion blogs.

The New York Times, by itself, has done five or six big articles this year on how influential they've become.

I was reading where you said nominations that had "chatter" as you called it; would be thown in junk pile.
I certainly hope not because when I nominated my favorite I assumed the "Comment" section was for just that..comments. And I believe many others also thought the same because I read many with "comments" such as I did. My screen did not show the messages on the far left at the time I was nominating threfore I did not notice your instructions to NOT chatter in comments. Quite confusing but I do think your Weblog is an excellent idea. I hope it is alright to comment in this area to state my feelings about this. Thank you.

As for "junking," the meaning behind that was the repetative nominations or extended comentary would be deleted since it just gets in the way of our process. None of the sites nominated were junked or deleted, nor was the fact that some were repeatedly nominating them held against them. It was just a way for us to try and keep the nomination posts clean.

It makes no difference whether a site was nominated once or several times.

The Hatemonger's quarterly
best. "blog". ever.

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