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Nominations Closed - Almost

Nominations for The 2006 Weblog Awards are now closed. Please continue to check the awards homepage for news and updates. Voting will begin the first week of December.

Nomination for the following categories remains open through the weekend due to a low number of nominees.

Best Campaign Blog
Best Business Blog
Best Middle Eastern or Africa Blog

Please get to those three categories and fill them up with nominees. Thanks!

Update: All categories are now closed.

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I'll nominate my own business and marketing blog for this space:


The Intuitive Life Business Blog

That's very strange how that comment ended up here when I added it to the "business blog" page, but, um, yeah, that'd be a nomination for Best Business Blog, though perhaps not "best commenter who figures out how things work on our blog", okay? :-)

I will move them over there for you Dave.

Is it too late to nominate a sports blog?


I nominate for Best Midle East Blog

"Baghdad Burning" http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/

I couldn't leave a comment on the best campaign blog category, no comment form so I'm unsure as to whether you've closed it now but here goes just in case...

Animal Rights Information and News Resource Blog


Uh, which week is Fist week in December? Is that the same as Pride Week?

When will the finalists be announced?

Sorry, just found this today!

I would like to add a nomination. Actually qualifies for two different categories and would like to add it to both! Best New Blog and Best Liberal Blog


Is it the (fist) week yet?

I guess I'll keep my eyes peeled for when voting opens. I bet I forgot to nominate my Science/Tech blog Off The Grid. But at least I remembered my Abandoned Stuff blog.

What's this? No catagory for fashion bloggers?

This year, there were dozens of articles in the mainstream press about the influence of fashion bloggers.

It's time you opened a seperate catagory for nominations.

Just found you today.

A nomination for a 2006 Weblog Award for the business category....


The art of romancing consumers...


new nomination for best Africa blog!

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