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Nominations - Best Video Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Video Blog. Nominated video blogs (also known as vlogs) should have a primary focus on video, even if they have a mix of video and written content...

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I nominate Midnight Therapy with Crystal. Pound for pound it's the most entertaining video blog out there!


A third for Hotair.com

lol...hey michelle, not getting enuf hits from all your youtube crap?

best video blog, hands down, year in...year out

crooks and liars


Midnight Therapy with Crystal. I watch with the fierce obsession of a teen to the WB.

The Show with Ze Frank


Hot Air

Gotta loves Michelle's "Vent" videos!



(I suppose I coulda done all of these in one post. Oh well.)

The 9 is without a doubt the best daily video blog...

Rocketboom is the best.

Go 9!


It is a daily blast of refreshment.

You HAVE to check out Miz B!


Fun, and addictive! Always some cute animals to make you say ahhhhh :)



This blog is no longer alive, but it is the father blog of the entry I already made (in other categories). I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan for one year, and this is my record of my adventures in the big city and around the rest of Japan. It is media RICH, with hundreds of photos and flash video clips to show what life for me was like.

This is the archive page, because it is no longer being updated. I made it so that prospective Waseda exchange students would have some idea about what to expect. (I was the test subject for this exchange program.)

Deas' Tokyo Study Abroad Travelogue
(no RSS feed was made available by my university...sorry.)

The 9, Caus' Maria Sansone is hot.

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