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Nominations - Best Sports Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Sports Blog.

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TRM Cycles - a shop blog, but oriented towards cycling rather than strictly sales

Duke Basketball Report


Best golf blog on the planet. Consistently captures the past present and future spirit of the game.


Fantasy Sports Blog

Thunder Matt's Saloon

The funniest, most irrevereant sports blog on the net. Sports, pop culture and tons of other random nuggets.

David Smith Motorsports NASCAR Talent Scouting Blog

If you're an aspiring race car driver, this is the blog to be mentioned on.


Beerleaguer is one of the best Philadelphia Phillies Baseball blogs of its kind.

Excellent review of the latest & greatest in uniform design.

Dan Shanoff's blog. He used to write the Daily Quickie for ESPN.com


baseball, discussions, opinions, rumors, prospects, humor. Great baseball blog.


Two Blogs That I visit (that should get some accolades)

D.A. Humber : Baseball Central


Fire Joe Morgan

Two noms:

1. The WhatifSports.com Insider Blog (accompanies the column hosted on the Webby-winning site) at http://[email protected]

2. True Hoop at www.truehoop.com.

Bleed Cubbie Blue


Great blog day to day, and possibly the greatest single post I've ever read in tribute to the late Bo Schembechler. If you're interested in the article itself, go to http://mgoblog.blogspot.com/2006/11/eleven-swans.html, turn up your sound, play the song, and read.

Mgoblog totally deserves this award. Brian's piece on Bo was probably the best blog post I have ever read.


The Bo post coaxed forth the tears of a thousand Michigan fans. It's the most important piece of sports writing this year.

This is an amazing team oriented blog. It is different, but very passionate:

"FanBlog: Texans"
It is also known as the "Texans Chick blog." She a very knowledgable fan of the Houston Texans and the NFL in general.


Viva El Birdos

Larry Borowsky rocks the keyboard, blogging (nearly) daily about the St. Louis Cardinals. This is a thinking-person's baseball blog.

My apologies. The name of my entry is "The Dawg Pound"

http://the-punchline.blogspot.com/. It's a sports humor page.


Give me the rock is my absolute favorite basketball blog


Don't let The Man give this award to anyone else. Rise up people! We didn't land on the Blogosphere, the Blogosphere landed on us! They got the guns, but at The Serious Tip we got the power! Or something like that ...

Mariner Baseball Specific, but is a great read with a rabid fan base..



The Wednesday Buffet: http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/6193894

How I've started every Wedensday morning since college. Sports, Laguna Beach, and shots at the guys who wear Burberry scarves.

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