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Nominations - Best Parenting Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Parenting Blog.

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I am nominating this parenting/food site under parenting as I am not sure where else it would go (culture?). The blog is called The Expatriate's Kitchen.

I recommend Stay At Home Motherdom because it provides a unique spin on a parenting blog. It provides some hope out there for parents in recovery yet has a universal appeal.

http://rockstarmommy.com is the best parenting blog hands down. She's brutally honest and painfully funny.

Kristin at Debaucherous and Dishevelled http://www.tallnlucky.blogs.com/

I would like to nominate Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer. She created the famous Works-For-Me-Wednesday and writes the most poignant and funny posts.


I nominate www.poopandboogies.com

You just gotta love this guy!!

Oops forgot to list who I wanted to nominate.

I'd like to nominate Baggage That Goes With Mine;


This a great blog...even if you are not a parent.

I'd like to nominate:

Mombian: Sustenance for Lesbian Moms

A lifeline for the more than quarter of a million lesbian parents in the country, it provides "a mix of parenting, politics, diversions, and resources to strengthen and sustain lesbian moms in all our varied roles." Judging by the comments on the posts, clearly lots of the parenting info is of interest to the general parent population as well.

hey, i think it's pretty good for a nine month old.

2nd attempt.

hey, i think it's pretty good for a nine month old.


I would like to nominate this blog. It educates partents and children on how to protect themselves from child predators on and off the internet.

Warriors For Innocence


ooops, second try here...

I nominate Phantom Scribbler!


I nominate The Delaney Diaries for best parenting blog. It's written from the heart, with a warm, but slight self-deprecating tone.


Thank you.

Polly's deft with a turn of phrase, and makes us think about parenting and gender in ways we might not have considered before.

[Oops. Too quick on the Post key previously.]

Polly's deft with a turn of phrase, and makes us think about parenting and gender in ways we might not have considered before:


Out, Out Damn Spot:


Beautifully written.

Nola Mom. This is a blog written by a new mother in post-Katrina New Orleans.


Okay, gotta nom my brother--known as the Magazine Man--who I rag on a lot but I gotta say he's a pretty good Dad and he's so funny he'll make milk come out your nose. Whether you're drinking milk or not.

Somewhere on the Masthead

Sorry. It's


I do that right?

Writing as Joe (http://writingasjoe.blogspot.com)

I nominate the Boston Mommy Blog.


I nominate Miss Zoot.

Mommy Needs Coffee


I nominate Cheeky Lotus.


Boston Mamas - one stop source for retail, ideas, and resources for hip adults and little ones.


I'd like to nominate 3 blogs in this category:

Name That Mama: http://namethatmama.blogspot.com/

NTM is written by a quirky, intelligent lesbian couple who went through some major difficulties before having a beautiful baby girl in February 2006.

Babes in Blogland:

Babes is an amazing resource of parenting, pregnancy, and ttc blogs from families in all walks of life.

The OTHER Mother

Robin is a fantastic writer who, as the non-bio mom in a lesbian family with two small children, brings a unique perspective on parenting to the blogosphere.

I nominate LESBIANDAD.ORG for Best Parenting Bog -- because it's smart and witty and wise and brim-full of love.

Content-wise, Daddytypes is one of the best. Witty, always on top of current parenting issues. Excellent design/product recommendations.

LesbianDad: lesbian parenthood, from a non-birthmom POV


Just started reading recently and have gone back and read all entries. Brilliant, interesting, full of love.

Dani-girl will often make you laugh, and right now she'll make you cry, too.

Postcards from the Mothership

Can't believe this many comments and no nomination for DadGoneMad? He's even got Shirts! Poop posts, and guess what? He's being treated for clinical depression! The blogger tri-fecta!



I nominate Linda at All & Sundry - www.sundrymourning.com. She's one of the best writers on the Internet, period.

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