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Nominations - Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs

Nominate your choice for Best of the Top 3501 - 5000 Blogs based on the TTLB Ecosystem rankings. Use the Ecosystem link above which is a static snapshot ranking as of November 13, 2006.

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The World According to Nick
URL: http://www.nickschweitzer.net
Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheWorldAccordingToNick

TTLB Ranking Link: http://truthlaidbear.com/showdetails.php?host=http://nickschweitzer.net

I'm providing the ranking link because its currently not showing up on my blog, and I've never heard bag from NZ Bear on the trouble ticket I submitted.



Number 4362 in the Ecosystem and a Flappy Bird, too! Whoohoo!

The Democratic Daily: Drowning out the Noise Machine, with a liberal dose of news, national and local politics, progressive commentary and opinions, and commonsense conversation, because “Truth is the American bottom line.”



Sorry wrong category on this nomination. Strike the previous comment. Should have been this blog.



Another Rovian Conspiracy - Can there ever be too many conspiracies? Besides, it gives the Moonbats the heeby-jeebies.


Self-nominated because our readers have more sense than we do.

I second the nomination for the most intelligent person I do not personally know:



The Scientific Activist

In its first year, it managed to single-handedly take down a Bush Administration appointee censoring science at NASA and was featured in The New York Times, Time Magazine, and Nature Magazine.

Heh. Not too proud to beg:


(The Random Yak)

The Debate Link: http://dsadevil.blogspot.com, currently #4738 on TTLB.

WTPS3 Right From Left

I nominate Lawrence Lessig:


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