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Nominations - Best Middle East or Africa Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Middle East or Africa Blog.

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Three nominations here:




South African gossip blog

I know it's new but could be an underdog. Trying to capture all the information on Iraqi Kurdistan on one blog. A daunting venture indeed.


Sexy Arab Beauty and Charm.

I nominate Mazen Kerbaj, from Lebanon:


Doug Traversa, USAF, in Afghanistan

This blog is the best. It's like being in those mountains in Afghanistan and seeing it all through the eyes of the blogger. You can feel the dust, wind, rain, the coldness of those barren mountains. You feel like your traveling with the soldiers on those dangerous winding roads waiting for the unexpected to happen. There is humor, sadness and anticipation of what the blogger is going through and you live through it with him. A great blog and a must read....

Shiloh Musings

...erm, I'm certain that there's a feed but my eyes are crossed and I can't find it right now, sorry.

I nominate Armies of Liberation at: http://armiesofliberation.com/

Thanks so much!

I have two on my reader I read often.


African Women Blogs


sudanese thinker


Egyptian Sandmonkey

Big Pharaoh

The View from Fez

ooops on the link...

Israel at Ground Level

The reality of daily life in Israel

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