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Nominations - Best Medical/Health Issues Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Medical/Health Issues Blog.

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"Paranoia and other pleasant things"


Wesley J. Smith's Second Hand Smoke


What?! You mean no one has nominated Cervantes yet?!
Oh Puh-lease!
Here you go, Stayin' Alive:

Since Missy beat me to the punch and nominated Cervantes, which I'm happy to second, I'll just have to nominate myself here, as suggested by the hosts...

The Antidote: Counterspin for Health Care and Health News

From a med student point of view:

And what the heck... my blog about my daughter and her journey with Epilepsy:




Here's another shout out for Cervantes!


I nominate Stayin Alive blog by Cervantes

I second the nomination for Docinthemachine.com New blog focusing on the impact of tomorrow's technology on medicine. Med, technology, popular culture, it has it all.

I recommend the Short Gut News. This is a blog friends of ours have started following their child's journey at Children's in Boston. They have become big advocates for treatment for kids with short gut and have actually gained a whole web community of families dealing with this and others.


Weblink for Short Gut News - it didn't come thru the first time - sorry!

Not sure if this is the right place for a weight-loss blog, but I can't not nominate the brilliant Shauny:


Cannabis is medicine.

Cannablog: Peace and love, y'all

KevinMD always the best, always

Moreena's blog about her daughter's battles with Liver Disease.


A Life Less Convenient - Sex, Age & Mortality


One woman's journey through chronic illness and love.


She blogs about having leukemia and then going through a bone marrow transplant. Funny, sad, amazing--and a scary view of hospitals.

At one point, the doctors used her blog to help diagnose a near fatal complication of her transplant. They thought she was depressed not ill, but she had encephalitis--serious brain swelling that causes lack of appetite, sleepiness and eventually coma. The doctors read her blog and realized that the funny upbeat person who had written all these blog posts wasn't the person that they saw in front of them. They put her on high-dose anti-virals.

Literally, her blog saved her life.

Read the May 2006 entries. Start from the beginning of the month, and then get to May 15th--she couldn't write because she had freaking brain swelling.


She was diagnosed in October of last year. If you start reading right before that, it is an addictive blog.


Their tagline: We're no health nuts, but we're interested.

Lots of health tips and stories readable by the normal, uninitiated person.

Life After Abortion: News, Awarenes, Opinion, Personal Experiences, Recovery Resources


Site Feed: http://afterabortion.blogspot.com/atom.xml

I nominate InsureBlog


I nominate Stayin Alive blog by Cervantes

What's Wrong with Healthcare

(Problems with socialized medicine in Canada)


American Center for Surreal and Paranoid Life


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