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Nominations - Best Media Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Media Blog. The nominees can be either professional journalist, blogs devoted to media coverage, or media focused blogs.

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I'll nominate the blog I write for NationalJournal.com: Beltway Blogroll. I cover the political and policy impact of blogs within Washington and beyond.

I nominate WIMN's Voices. They are new, but they are awesome!

Granddaddy Long Legs


Jeff Jarvis' little site...


The Democratic Daily: Drowning out the Noise Machine, with a liberal dose of news, national and local politics, progressive commentary and opinions, and commonsense conversation, because “Truth is the American bottom line.”



calling all wingnuts


I would like to nominate Pundit Review Radio, bringing the best of the blogs to the radio every week on WRKO Sunday nights from 7pm-10pm EST. There is a livestream. Kevin and Gregg's site URL is:


I nominate Three Day Rant


Ditto Pundit Review, and I have the RSS feed URL for you:


Pitt Girl does a great job making fun of local media and newspapers.


I'd like to nominate:


I'm nominating the City Unfiltered - a blog covering city government in Savannah, Georgia which is written by reporter Scott M. Larson on savannahnow.com.

The City Unfiltered



King Film (Scott King's Blog)

I nominate My Two Cents Worth. Country Boy is a conservative political mastermind!!!



Beast Media


The real news without the PC cover up!!

I nominate GetReligion, a superb group blog that monitors media coverage of religious issues.


Apotheosis Blog:


Music Videos, Vintage Videos, Funny Pictures and more

The Shelf has a weekly round-up of DVD releases, TV, books, and music. Good daily read. http://randomshelf.blogspot.com

Love these guys - local Boston boys made good! They bring blogging to the radio each Sunday night on WRKO-AM 680.


Okay, I'm a huge Kevin Whalen fan so www.punditreview.com totally gets my vote!

Pundit Review rocks your world. I nominate them.

What Would Tyler Duerden Do?

The Daily Dumpling!


I nominate Pundit Review.. great show and great blog..

I would like to nominate Punditrview.com..a great blog with many points of view and issues galore! Dave and Gregg are two guys you can count on for the Facts and Sources. Up here in the Boston Area,we are lucky to also have Pundit Review Radio on WRKO.680am radio every Sunday Evening.

Their Blog is refreshing and interesting and no RANTS allowed. All comments are respected and all bloggers are welcomed. If you can only name call those you disagree with..and not state REAL FACTS..you are missing the point of Pundit Review. A truly different level of Blogging .. where people get to THINK and PONDER rather then Babble and Rant!

We appreciate these two bright guys who give us a chance to Really Think about Issues on our own and broaden our knowledge and understanding of issues important to all of us who Care about the Future of our Country!

I find this blog to be very interesting. A reporter or a producer posts an entry and everyone no matter what your feelings are on the topic are allowed to submit comments. All comments are considered and a variety of them do appear on the site.

Depending on the topic the blog receives hundreds, sometimes thousands of replies.

i want to nominate the nine i love them and they are also intelligent
not as much on the politics as i would like but just enogh to keep you informed

Boston's WRKO PunditReview Gregg Jackson's "Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies" [amazon.com] is a must read - esp for those living in the People's Republic of Cambridge and Brookline, MA !!!

Hilarious, and always always accurate!


Blogger News Network


TheJay.com is pop culture from inside the bubble, providing fresh and funny commentary on the world of entertainment.

Main URL:


I fifth or sixth the Pundit Review nomination.

WTPS3 Media Lies

United We Blog! For a Democratic Nepal


This blog is no longer alive, but it is the father blog of the entry I already made (in other categories). I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan for one year, and this is my record of my adventures in the big city and around the rest of Japan. It is media RICH, with hundreds of photos and flash video clips to show what life for me was like.

This is the archive page, because it is no longer being updated. I made it so that prospective Waseda exchange students would have some idea about what to expect. (I was the test subject for this exchange program.)

Deas' Tokyo Study Abroad Travelogue
(no RSS feed was made available by my university...sorry.)

I will nominate http://www.punditreview.com because they tell it like it is.

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