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Nominations - Best European Blog

Nominate your choice for Best European Blog. The European Blog category does not include the UK and Ireland since they have their own category.

A couple of notes:

  • You can nominate yourself; don't be shy.
  • The number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant. One nomination is enough...
  • In some cases the list of finalists may contain sites not publically nominated.
  • This contest is about fun - find some new blogs to read by following the links.
To nominate a blog leave the name of the blog; the main URL for the blog; and the URL for a RSS/Atom feed (if possible) in the comment section. For example (Note that Wizbang is not eligible for nomination in any category):

Unless you login via Typekey, your comments may be moderated. Due to the volume of comments, it may take up to 24 hours to approve your comment. Typekey authenticated comments will be published immediately. Update (Nov. 25): Nominations are closed. Keep checking The 2006 Weblog Awards homepage for news on finalist, linking, and voting. The voting will commence the first week of December, so keep spreading the word. In the mean time you can also join us in The Weblog Awards forum to discuss the nominees, or do some campaigning.

Comments (82)

I nominate Ren.Kat @ http://sidesteppingreal.blogspot.com/

Cheers, Nathan

Простые фокусы (Russian blog)

I'd like to nominate Captain Zanax at Perversions of Reality. http://labrat666.blogspot.com and http://perversionsofrealitypart2.blogspot.com

I nominate "Paranoia and other pleasant things"


I nominate MojBlog from Serbia.

I nominate Free Thoughts.

I nominate No Pasaran

YAHTI from Serbia - All Inclusive Arrangement for Contemporary Mind: www.yahti.com

Have to edit the nomination: http://yahti.com, hopefully now the link is functioining


[no further comments, really]

'Free Thoughts' for the Best European Blog

I nominate MojBlog from Serbia.

Ottantaventi, il blog che ti attacca il virus della crescita personale !

Crescita personale, time management, self-management, aumento di produttività, gtd, lifehacks e molto altro.


Life of An American Swede In Belgium


I nominate A Wandering Woman....

Put me in the humour group. I live in Belgium, am German and married to an Italian. Is that enough Europe ? Ah I forgot, I also have a Dutch daughter in law.

Camelt Desta Ideale

Interessante ed intelligente vai così

I nominate Neo_scapigliato for best European Blog...because, even the dumbest thought ... should be written with STYLE

I nominate Stepping Stones


"Davids Medienkritik"

Maatschappijkritische weblog (dutch) over het leven van alledag. Also posts in English (coming soon)

Sistaweb is a great German humor/lifestyle blog run by two sisters, A-Heldin und E-Heldin.

They get some good comment threads going, too.

I cast my ballot for Tub Girl.

Awesome French blog trying to relate to americans



LaRussophobe.....exposing Putin's Russia. A must read if you want to be informed on events in Russia.


Davids Medienkritik, for their relentless efforts.

I nominate for best European blog:

David's Medienkritik


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