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Nominations - Best Culture Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Culture Blog. Culture being somewhat in the eye of the beholder, we're looking a wide cross-section of blogs on popular culture topics.

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Pinoy Stupid. A Multimedia Blog.

I nominate Terra Praeta @ http://www.eros-philia-agape.blogspot.com/

Cheers, Nathan

I nominate Culture Kills... wait, I mean Cutlery

A great pop culture and classic film blog:
The Shelf

Knowledge is Power aka SondraK

Three worthy weblogs that don't fit neatly anywhere:

Twenty Sided

Irish Elk

The Man About Mayfair

aint it cool news


warren ellis' blog


This is a daily read for me-
The Shelf

A Poetic Justice (Don't burn the flag. Wash it!)


A fine reflection of today's World, related with the context of Art and History...



the photography is stunning as well...

I nominate Whitney Matheson's "Pop Candy" on the USA Today site. It is always entertaining and inciteful, and some of her discussion threads are engrossing. She never makes you feel guilty for stealing a little time away from work to read it!

I also nominate Pop Candy: http://popcandy.usatoday.com

God of the Machine: www.godofthemachine.com

Pop Candy

I nominate "Stuck in the 80's" from the St. Petersburg times. Steve Spears runs this blog and you can rest assured he is probably sitting at his desk in his "Risky Business" shades listening to Journey's "Separate Ways" right now...


I nominate PopCandy! Go Whitney!


Slaves to Fashion

Beauty Insider

Pop Candy in USAToday - Whitney ROCKS!!!!

Pop Candy!


Pop Candy!
Whitney rocks!


Pop Candy - Whitney Rules!

King Film (Scott King's Blog)

I nominate Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule:

Pop Candy

Whitney Matheson's Pop Candy, definitely! A visit here is always fun, always worthwhile, and often thought-provoking!


I vote for USA Today's Pop Candy...Whitney Matheson is witty and funny...makes for good reading :)
Pop Candy

I can't live without my POP CANDY!!


www.tifaux.com -- a tv blog


Better than Pop Candy!


Modern Fabulousity

This is THE culture blog: http://randomshelf.blogspot.com

I love Televisionary!

I love Televisionary!!


NoFactZone.net - Bringing you the truth about Stephen Colbert, unfiltered by rational argument (Stephen Colbert-centric news blog)


Televisionary - Love it, love it, love it!


Knowledge is Power

Knowledge Is Power


I would like to nominate The Quiz Blogger


I nominate KiSP!


The Rampant Anti-PAMite


The Daily Dumpling!


Museum Madness, a blog about museums and their role in society -


i want to nominate the nine
they rock and where else can i see a video of japanese self defense/english lessons and bunnies as well as the coverage of britney and k fed or should i say what was

Dear Reid - utterly useless advice from a terrifically unqualified guy.


I'd like to nominate the GUBA Blog. The writer, TJ DeGroat, is hilarious and always hits the nail on the head when it comes to culture, pop and current news.

I nominate Beer and Theology as best culture blog. Beer and Theology is written by former screenwriter-turned-minister Tom Bryant, and deals with religion, politics and popular culture.


Sample postings for your concideration:

An Open Letter to Mayor John Peyton of Jacksonville, Florida

But bringing the Navy would have brought Navy Families back to the neighborhood. The drug dealers and hookers would have left.

Families would raise their children in comparative safety, once again. Little boys would have big back yards to defend from those pesky gun-toting dinosaurs. And once again little white boys, little black boys, little asian boys and little hispanic boys would have ran down to the end of Tampico Rd to play basketball and talk about girls, and build friendships that would affect the kind of men they became.

And Richard and Dolores Bryant would have watched them, with fond memories of their own sons doing the same thing, until the end of their days.

Insufficient Postage: "Letter to a Christian Nation"; the Deutsche Christen Movement and This Election

I suppose that to the Dawkins' and Harris' of the world this is an encouraging sign that their assault on religious faith is working. However, what I see when I view this poll, and the articles and books by atheist missionaries, is something far more ominous. I've studied it before. And Santayana warned us about it.

Let me take you back into history a bit.

Any detailed examination of Germany’s fall into National Socialism begins to take on a Dante-esque quality the closer one looks. The sociological “sins” of rabid Nationalism, belief in Social Darwinism, anti-Semitism, distrust in democracy, and desire for authoritarian control of government function like the concentric circles of Hell, spiraling ever downward toward the charismatic figure of Adolph Hitler.

Daddy, Who Is Your Hero?

Her answer floored me.

"It means you should stand up for what is right, even if you're standing alone. No matter what."

I have another hero. She's 11 years old.

An Open Letter to Neal Boortz, Part 2

All of this - ALL of this - is part of the Gramsciist theory of taking over a culture. Stop teaching the rugrats the skills needed to function successfully in society, such as reading, writing and arithmatics, and start teaching them to not be judgemental and the proper way to put a condom on (since they are going to have sex anyway because they shouldn't follow mom and dad's judgemental attitude towards premarital sex among minors. ''How dare they impose their hypocritical, Christian, outdated morals on me! Oh, my aching self-esteem!'')

Thank you.

...what can i say...i suppose the honor is in being nominated...even if you nominated yourself...

...chemically fulfilled...

This blog is unique in his kind... it's not only about cinema but culture.

The best blog on culture (and not gossip about stupid young celebs) and entertainment is The Shelf.

Not my blog, but a great read.


Sorry, here is a link to the best culture blog:
The Shelf

TheJay.com is pop culture from inside the bubble, providing fresh and funny commentary on the world of entertainment.

Main URL:


Please visit, folks. You might just get a kick out of it. I'm new at all of this, though. WTPS3

Rocking in Hakata

Best new / individual / educational / cultural blog...about living on a remote Japanese island while teaching high school English in prep for grad school...and the anthrosociopoliticultural things that run through my mind.

This blog is no longer alive, but it is the father blog of the entry I already made. I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan for one year, and this is my record of my adventures in the big city and around the rest of Japan. It is media RICH, with hundreds of photos and flash video clips to show what life for me was like.

This is the archive page, because it is no longer being updated. I made it so that prospective Waseda exchange students would have some idea about what to expect. (I was the test subject for this exchange program.)

Deas' Tokyo Study Abroad Travelogue
(no RSS feed was made available by my university...sorry.)

Cute Overload


Commontales: The Mega-blog Community


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