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Nominations - Best Centrist Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Centrist Blog.

A couple of notes:

  • You can nominate yourself; don't be shy.
  • The number of nominations a blog receives is irrelevant. One nomination is enough...
  • In some cases the list of finalists may contain sites not publically nominated.
  • This contest is about fun - find some new blogs to read by following the links.
To nominate a blog leave the name of the blog; the main URL for the blog; and the URL for a RSS/Atom feed (if possible) in the comment section. For example (Note that Wizbang is not eligible for nomination in any category):

Unless you login via Typekey, your comments may be moderated. Due to the volume of comments, it may take up to 24 hours to approve your comment. Typekey authenticated comments will be published immediately. Update (Nov. 25): Nominations are closed. Keep checking The 2006 Weblog Awards homepage for news on finalist, linking, and voting. The voting will commence the first week of December, so keep spreading the word. In the mean time you can also join us in The Weblog Awards forum to discuss the nominees, or do some campaigning.

Comments (65)

This is a great Florida blog and I read it daily!

Abandoned Stuff by Saskboy

Canadian news, humour, politics, photos and more.

Former GOP girl turned.. elsewhere.

no one can get more in the middle than these guys @ http://guntotingliberal.com

Another vote for The Moderate Voice!


Now that polls consistently show that Americans favor so called Liberal positions and policies by a two to one margin over conservatives, I would argue that liberalism has captured the center.
http://www.dailykos.com is now the largest centrist blog on the internets with over 110,000 registered users.

All your base are belong to us.

The Moderate Voice.


Note to the Gun-Toting Liberal: Your timing is just perfect.

The Moderate Voice, hands-down.

Um left of center but I try to keep them coming back to the middle with my socially conservative voice.

Since Joe Gandelman's great blog, The Moderate Voice, has been nominated so many times, I will shamelessly nominate my own:

The Glittering Eye

“Slightly left-of-center,” but heavily moderated by independent and conservative voices abound.


Not quite sure if Contrary Brin qualifies as "centrist", "liberal" or "militantly moderate", but here goes:


A place where everyone's welcome and treated with respect, regardless of polital leanings:

The Gun Toting Liberal


The home of the best discussions, from Wacko Liberals to Cognizant Conservatives, but always open to other points of view...

The Gun Toting Liberal


Who looks BEST in the middle...

The Gun Toting Liberal


There simply isn't a better place on the web for rational discourse among individuals with differing perspectives.

Than The Gun Toting Liberal


THE best centrist blog out there. Has excellent views on both sides of the political fence. Very well written `

FEED: http://lesbiencestmoi.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Bring it On!

Slightly left of center, but still open to all view points and with a healthy mix debate.

Todd Umbarger

The WORST Political Cartoonist on The Internets:



Left of center in a highly conservative corner of Arkansas.

Sometimes liberal, often centrist, always insightful, witty, delicious food for thought.

cestmoi blog

URL: http://www.lesbiencestmoi.blogspot.com/
FEED: http://lesbiencestmoi.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Thank you,

Knowledge is Power aka SondraK


I also nominate The Moderate Voice.



Tammy Bruce pulls no punches. She's an advocate of American values and a supporter of the war against radical Islamists, and she despises appeasers and apologists for evil; on the other hand, she's a feminist lesbian Democrat, a past-president of the Los Angeles NOW chapter, and a pro-choice activist. She'll call herself both a conservative and a classical liberal. If "centrist" means one who is always in the middle of the road, then that's not Tammy. But if it means someone who independently addresses the issues and refuses to be a water-carrier for one team or the other, then Tammy is your candidate.

Since the Best Religious Blog category was eliminated, I guess I have to try what's left.

Ales Rarus

WTPS3 Charging RINO


Mostly conservative, but getting more moderate every day:

The American Princess

Night Bird's Fountain was instrumental in John Hall's win in New York's 19th.


Also, Take Back New York's 24th took an informative look and principled stand in the race for New York's 24th.


Self Nomination:



My arch conservative fellow blogger, The Median Sib, has nominated me in the Liberal Blog category. I consider myself more of a moderate, so I nominate myself here. My blog is not a purely political one, but I do often turn to my heartfelt political beliefs.

I also post my strong opinions on ethics, love,
the environment, as well as occasional nature photos
and poems and just plain nonsense

Please check me out. Thanks.

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