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Say what you will about the rest of the George Allen 2006 campaign, but the blog? So much better and more informative than other campaign blogs, it's almost a joke comparing them. (It helps having a good, established blogger doing it!)

Allen HQ

The feed, FWIW: http://www.allenhq.com/feed/

Rick Santorum Blogs...

http://ricksantorum.com/blog (official campaign blog)

http://SantorumBlog.com (unofficial grassroots blog)

Candidate for governor of Arizona...

America's Victory '08
Supporting Conservatives for 2008

Night Bird's Fountain was instrumental in John Hall's win in New York's 19th.


Also, Take Back New York's 24th took an informative look and principled stand in the race for New York's 24th.


I wou

The One Campaign

The Campaign to Defend the Constitution:

Len Munsil - I heard that he was the only candidate for Governor who posted to his own blog.



Crud, I'll nominate my blog. Even though it wasn't officially for the campaign, I did hundreds of posts on the Bill Sali-Larry Grant campaign (do a search for Bill Sali on my blog.)


Can I nominate part of a blog? My series of posts on the write-in candidacy of Randy Stufflebeam for Governor of Illinois in 2006?


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