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Nominations - Best Australia or New Zealand Blog

Nominate your choice for the best Australian or New Zealand blog.

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I nominate Bean @ http://www.notbean.com/

Cheers, Nathan

I'd like to nominate Pip Wilson of Wilson's Almanac located at: http://wilsonsalmanac.blogspot.com


I nominate http://shaymusoflatulence.bigblog.com.au for best aussie sex symbol....are sorry Blog...thanks
ps...please dont tell anybody I voted for myself.

I nominate "under mouse Arrest" - http://www.netskool.blogspot.com

For a good aussie blog

It's a Matter of Opinion is a tremendous blog for a bunch of people stuck in Australia!

Diogenes Lamp!

This guy has real insight.


OK - I'll give it a go!

I nominate my Dreaming Track


Cheers and best of luck to all! :)

Read The Reverend!

I'll also nominate Tetherd Cow Ahead


I unhumbly offer my own blog, if only because it is not entirely obvious that it's an Australian blog. Got mentioned in Science though.


I nominate Rotto Bloggo, a blog that started in August and is about Rottnest Island, a holiday spot loved by West Australians:

Was told by a blog friend to put self in here coz he thinks I should...So here I am nominating self LOL. ArtWorks, Animated Gif's, Freebies (animated Gif's) Near Death story and other stuff on this blog.




There wasnt a Gay Icon category so I nominated it here

I wish to nominate RandomBrainwave Blog (John Surname)http://randombrainwave.blogspot.com/

Good Luck John (Gay Icon)

I'd like to nominate kitta.net.

The Amazing Dream Journal


(may redirect to http://www.thatgrumguy.com/wordpress/ until I fix server configuration).

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