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Nominations - Best Asian Blog

Nominate your choice for Best Asian Blog.

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Pinoy Stupid. A Multimedia Blog.

The Western Confucian

Their Voices.. My Plea...

One Man Bandwidth


OK. I nominate myself: http://pattayajil.blogspot.com (A blog about living in Southeast Asia's biggest party town... Pattaya Beach, Thailand... with politics and culture other observations thrown in to keep it interesting.)

Sorry.. its me again.. i forgot to include the url..

Here is the URL:-


A blog about cats & animals.. Their thoughts and my plea towards harmonious living amogst man & animals...

Dr.Katte's Blog

The Daily Dumpling!


Cool Japanese advertising, new Japanese products and products from international companies only available in Japan, insights into marketing and doing business in Japan.


Cool Japanese advertising, new Japanese products and products from international companies only available in Japan, insights into marketing and doing business in Japan.


Your Daily Serving of ASIAN Entertainment News and Celebrity Gossip!

Hope you all enjoy this blog. It is a newborn in the blogosphere, but has about a year of pre-dotmac account lineage (student travel abroad blog). Sorry for the lame servers. I will switch when I can afford it. WTPS3!

Rocking in Hakata

Best new / individual / educational / cultural / Asian blog...about my professional life, living on a remote Japanese island while teaching high school English in prep for grad school...and the anthrosociopoliticultural things that run through my mind. It's fun. I swear.

This blog is no longer alive, but it is the father blog of the entry I already made. I studied abroad in Tokyo, Japan for one year, and this is my record of my adventures in the big city and around the rest of Japan. It is media RICH, with hundreds of photos and flash video clips to show what life for me was like.

This is the archive page, because it is no longer being updated. I made it so that prospective Waseda exchange students would have some idea about what to expect. (I was the test subject for this exchange program.)

Deas' Tokyo Study Abroad Travelogue
(no RSS feed was made available by my university...sorry.)

I nominate...Myself, an unholy, buffalo-fixated child of God.

Rollaword.com: The place where the buffalo roam....



Not exactly an Asian blog, but as a one-time Japanese resident with a Japanese partner, I blog a lot about it.

High Maintenance Hags. Personal blog of a late-out gay guy. Dedicated to my wonderful harem of fag hags. I love them, but I don't let them get away with any female tomfoolery.





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